Since 1998 Connect2Media has been publishing digital entertainment content all over the world. Our 360 degree approach means that our reach is not only global but also delivers content to a growing number of regional stores, devices and platforms.

With our support you will have the valuable opportunity to leverage your game to drive further revenues by accessing major carriers portals or participating in device manufacturer embed programmes.

Connect2Media offer a comprehensive approach to mobile games based on our experience and best-practices.

We are not only a promotional partner but we will also help you to optimise and tune the gaming experience through our QA Team, data-driven marketing and analytics.

Our marketing department delivers opportunities to maximize your game’s exposure via a structured sales process, promotional marketing and life cycle management.

We provide a broad strategic product management plan covering user acquisition and retention to maximise game’s success on a highly saturated markets.

We operate our own advanced technology dedicated to gaming that will help to cross promote your game, leverage user engagement and drive monetisation.

To learn more about publishing opportunities, please contact us.

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